Sizzling Minerals

Feeling under the weather? Always a bit lethargic?

Health Benefits of 'PURE' Hydrophilic Minerals in Sizzling Wafer form. Simply Drop a Wafer in a Glass of Cold Water and ENJOY!

The health benefits of these flavorsome effervescent wafers with PURE hydrophilic plant-derived minerals dating from the prehistoric Senonian period are absolutely ENORMOUS. The Senonian period was the final part of the Cretaceous epoch, comprising the Coniacian, Santonian, Campanian, and Maastrichtian ages when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The soils from which grew mosses the size of trees and giant cycads (fern-like dinosaur plants) were packed with 75+ life-giving and prolonging PURE hydrophilic minerals. Compare that to today's depleted farm soils, which have at max 20 hydrophilic minerals. No wonder people and their pets, and farm animals suffer from ailments these days.

EASY to drink

Simply drop a wafer in a glass of cold water, allow it to SIZZLE away for a few minutes as it dissolves (a bit like sizzling stomach-settlers), and enjoy the refreshing drink!

Benefit 2

Sizzling minerals wafers come in four delicious flavors: Cherry Berry; Lemon & Lime; Orange; or Flavorless. Everyone LOVES Cherry, Orange, and Lemon & Lime flavors! Great for kids, too!

Benefit 3

After a few months of these wafers (one each day), you'll have ALL the 75+ hydrophilic minerals that your body needs to work as it was designed. "The route of ALL disease is a LACK of minerals" – Dr. Linus Pauling.

Missing minerals in soils

Discover MORE About Pure Plant-Derived SIZZLING MINERALS

According to Dr. Gary Price-Todd, we need at least 60+ hydrophilic minerals for our bodies to be healthy, yet the vast majority of us (those not using Sizzling Minerals wafers) have on average no more than 16-20 minerals in their diets, no matter how good people think their foods are. Our bodies are "screaming" for minerals – that's likely why we're always hungry and become fat and ill. We are what we eat. But beware of cheap  HYDROPHOBIC rock-based minerals found in health stores.

Four Happy Sizzling Minerals fans

Tom Martin

Taxi driver

"I believe Sizzling Minerals help those with largely sedentary lifestyles (such as taxi driving!) by keeping their weight down. We eat less when our bodies aren't craving for more minerals by way of eating more food all day."

"When I came across Sizzling Minerals, I thought, oh, not another health fad! But after learning about the importance of having at least 60 minerals in our diets and realizing they aren't there, I HAD to get them! So I make sure my kids get them, too. Besides, they think they're drinking pop and love it!" 


Anne Parker


Joan Simon

Cat owner

"It's not just us humans that lack the minerals we need. So do our lovely PETS! My cat, Ginger, gets all the minerals she needs with Simply PetLife. These pay for themselves as she hasn't been to the vet with joint problems like other aging cats have, although she's getting on a bit.

"I must admit that since I've been using Sizzling Minerals, my form has improved immensely! I sweat less, have more stamina for those longer rallies, and can concentrate better. But, of course, I can't prove that it is due to these minerals; it's just that you know it is!"


Billy Duncan

Tennis player

Spend some time exploring the testimonials website. Watch the videos and listen to the audio recordings

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Sizzling Minerals are EASILY absorbed, Pure and Natural, Detoxifying, and come in three delicious flavors plus tasteless natural flavor that can be added to beverages and cooked foods. Heat does NOT destroy minerals. Only inane human agricultural activities and erosion deplete soils of hydrophilic minerals.


How come physicians and doctors don't offer Sizzling Minerals?

Doctors, General Practitioners, nurses, etc., are basically AGENTS for the big pharmaceutical corporations and have a massive list of expensive pills and potions to tackle SYMPTOMS, not the underlying causes of disease.

Think carefully about that. If these agents actually CURED people of their ailments, the sales of expensive chemical DRUGS and other medical products would nosedive. It's all about MONEY. Anything that PREVENTS disorders from happening in the first place is anathema to Big Pharma. Always FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Are you sure these 75+ minerals are absent from today's foods?

Most people are ignorant about soil mineral depletion. Government ministers and agricultural scientists are fully aware of the soil mineral depletion problem and lack the resources to put minerals back into farm soils. Adding glacial clay to farm soils will significantly help, but that is labor and logistically expensive. Actually, volcanic ashes that spread worldwide from huge volcanic eruptions help greatly, but few realize that. So we have a massive problem until technologies that have been back-shelved by the money men are released. And no, this is NOT a conspiracy theory.

Who is Dr Gary Price-Todd?

Dr. Gary Price-Todd, an Ophthalmologist, M.D from Waynesville, North Carolina, is the scientist who said that “Minerals are the spark plugs of life! The human body needs at least 60 minerals to maintain a disease and ailment-free state.”

He also said, “Vitamins are useless without minerals.” So, following Dr. Todd’s advice, it makes sense to find a mineral source that provides 60+ ESSENTIAL and TRACE minerals that are plant-derived and possess the same HYDROPHILIC content as those that SHOULD be found in fruits and vegetables. Add those to VITAMINS, and the body will have the top-grade fuel it needs to power its defense systems.

Where do Sizzling Minerals come from?

Sizzling Minerals come from a special mine in the state of Utah, USA, where the deposits of Senonian compost are 70 Million years old. From the days when dinosaurs grew to enormous sizes because minerals and nutrients were abundant in the soil, the very same minerals are now available to give you ‘super nutrition’ from those all-important 75+ pure plant minerals.

What are Trace Minerals (elements)?

Scientists group minerals into TWO categories:

1. Minerals in the IONIC form ESSENTIAL in the diet in amounts of MORE THAN 100 milligrams per day are called MAJOR or MAIN minerals. Those needed at LESS THAN 100 mg per day are called TRACE minerals. There are 7 major minerals: calcium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and sulfur. The element carbon is not included because EVERY organic lifeform on this planet is carbon-based, hence the term ORGANIC. All the elements apart from carbon called INORGANIC. There is NO shortage of carbon in our diets. Our bodies contain significant amounts of each MAJOR element.

2. TRACE minerals, on the other hand, are present in the body in TINY amounts. No scientist is sure, so don’t ask quacks, doctors, or physicians about trace minerals because they know little about them. No lab coat-wearer has researched how trace minerals work because their employers lack the funds for the doing the research. In a nutshell, there is no PROFIT from it. Besides, every trace mineral (in hydrophilic, ionic form) makes up LESS THAN one-hundredth of one percent (0.0001%) of body weight.

Can 75+ minerals really help us to stay healthy and look younger? Is it really possible to help prevent cancer, heart disease, and arthritis?

Everyone ages and gets sick. But many people suffer from common ailments like heart disease and cancer because they simply don’t take proper care of themselves. Their bodies simply lack the nutrients - the raw building blocks of life, the plant-derived minerals, and vitamins – needed to fight back and keep them in the best of health. In many ways, they are STARVING themselves into ill health. Each of us needs to think about why?

Most people worldwide are mineral depleted. In developed nations, they are stressed from work and strain. They are tired from commuting and traveling. They eat on the go – and mostly choose the wrong things. They sleep poorly because they are DEPLETED of the 75+ minerals their bodies need to give them the zing and zest that living today demands. Then, out of nowhere, they get cancer, arthritis, heart disease, etc. It’s NOT bad luck. They simply starved themselves of critical nutrients because they are LACKING in their FOOD.

You know what it’s like... they look GRAY, feel TIRED, appear WRINKLED early on in life, lose hair, lack bounce, and their skin lacks glow. Their concentration gets more challenging, their eyesight deteriorates, and they feel worn out most of the time. When this happens, illnesses are just waiting to arise.

They simply lack plant-derived minerals and nature's vitamins.

Are you SURE that our farm soils are actually depleted in minerals?

Millions of years ago, the soil near the Earth’s surface, where our plants are grown, was saturated with dozens of minerals. At least 84 minerals were available nearly everywhere, and some areas of the planet did contain 100 minerals. The plants of prehistoric times were rich in minerals because there was an abundant supply for them to feed upon from the soil.

When a plant grows, it draws available minerals from the ground. We now know the mineral content of plants has been severely altered throughout the last several million years and drastically altered over the previous 100 years, mainly because of commercial farming and food processing. Even organic foods (which you should eat) are mineral deficient. The good thing about natural organic food is that it should be free of carcinogenic pesticides. Unfortunately, organic food is still mineral deficient.

When man began to till the soil, wind, and rain, erosion began to take its toll along with continuous cropping, which gradually caused the soils to lack minerals.
According to research in the animal husbandry field and The National Science Foundation, animals require at least 45 minerals, 12 essential amino acids, 16 vitamins, and 3 essential fatty acids. According to Gary Price Todd, M.D., the human body requires AT LEAST 60 minerals for optimal health and basically the same other essentials as animals.

But, only 8 minerals are available in any kind of quantity in most of the food we eat. We know plants can make vitamins, amino acids, and varying amounts of fatty acids if they are HEALTHY from being grown in soils containing ABUNDANT minerals. If the soil lacks minerals (and most soil does), the plant becomes STUNTED because it cannot make minerals.
In the United States and Europe, the soils are particularly MINERAL DEFICIENT because of the extended use of fertilizers and “maximum yield” mass farming methods.

So… Do your body a favor and treat yourself to some outstanding plant mineral-rich products. Without being overdramatic, they could SAVE your life. We offer everything you need – from 75+ PURE PLANT-DERIVED minerals in 70 million-year-old Senonian compost to high-quality vitamins. These are designed with everyone’s health in mind, and each one complies with GMP standards and is carefully inspected before it reaches you. So give yourself the best nutrition you can, and let the greatest physician of all do the healing... NATURE!

Tell me again... what's so special about plant-derived minerals?

Dr. Gary Price-Todd has stated: “The human body needs at least 60 minerals to maintain a disease and ailment-free state.” Dr. Todd also said, “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals.”

So, following Dr. Todd’s advice, it makes sense that people need to find a mineral source that provides 60+ or more minerals. Minerals that are plant-derived and possess the same hydrophilic content as those
found in fruits and vegetables. Add those to vitamins, and your body has the top-grade fuel to power its defense systems.

Plant-derived minerals are totally natural. They are not metallic or manufactured and have not been created in a laboratory. And that makes them easier for your body to absorb. So, when choosing your minerals, make sure they are plant-derived.

Minerals and vitamins are essential to ensure the quality of life and healthy living. They create the network your body needs to ensure your quality of health because each one works closely with each other. A missing mineral or vitamin puts everything out of balance because the body “borrows” what it needs from elsewhere. Sometimes, soon, something has to give, and eventually, a deficiency leads to malfunction or breakdown. As a result, you get ill, look run down, your health suffers, and who knows what might happen next.
Your health, well-being, intelligence, energy, functionality, immune system, and appearance depend on the body replenishing its stocks of plant minerals and vitamins several times every day. It should never be left to chance.

Products that are packed with naturally sourced plant minerals and vitamins will give you everything you need to stay healthy and enjoy the best possible quality of life that you can get by arming your body to cope the very best it can with everything that life throws at it.