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The Root of All Disease Chapter 8

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The Root of All Disease Chapter 8: The Body's Central Computer

I could have written much more about major minerals, but what about trace minerals? According to the U.S. government, the trace elements required for human health are iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and chromium. My experience with minerals over the last 25 years has proven we need many more minerals than the government or the World Health Organization proposed. I believe all of the rare earth minerals mentioned in the previous chapter are EXTREMELY important for protracted health, especially if they were available from plants.

Minerals initiate, regulate and control every organ and function in your body. Proper breathing depends on minerals. Mental and physical ability depend on minerals. Heart and blood pressure stabilization is directly related to minerals. So, if minerals are so important and only a few are available in our foods, common sense tells us we should seek out a complete spectrum of a least 70 plant-derived minerals.

minerals strengthens the immune system

A complete spectrum of minerals strengthens the immune system making it better and stronger than anything known to man. This enhances appearance, produces energy, fights off diseases such as the common cold and flu, eliminates depression, reduces stress, and produces more positive attitudes. This full complement of all minerals helps build and creates better bones and tendons, nucleic acids, aorta, blood, and brain function. A complete spectrum of minerals also sharpens the mind, brings the past to memory, makes man joyous, preserves youth.

Although other factors play a part in high blood pressure, minerals are the KEY to regulation. When the body or any organ becomes stressed, it will require MORE nutrients and oxygen to keep it going. Minerals help the body better utilize the oxygen it receives. When stressed, the heart has to pump blood forcefully to supply enough blood to the organs that need it. The stronger the heart is required to pump, the higher the systolic blood pressure. The diastolic pressure may also go up. Medical professionals require you to be relaxed or at rest to get a proper reading. The blood pressure in a relaxed or rest state is called “basal” blood pressure. People in a hypertension state usually have an average systolic pressure above 140 and diastolic pressure above 90.

Salt in the diet

When someone takes excessive amounts of salt, the body may have to remove the excess to avoid poisoning. The body will need to collect more water because the salt has to be dissolved in liquid. The kidneys will have an additional workload in order to get rid of all the excess salt and water. This means the kidneys will need more energy and nutrients, especially minerals, to keep them functioning correctly. During the salt and water elimination process, the systolic pressure will increase because more blood must be pumped out of the heart.

If the kidneys cannot perform properly due to a lack of nutrients, the body stores the salt water even when the blood pressure is raised, and the ankles or legs will swell. Also, all the excess body tissue, especially fat, will require more energy to feed the extra fat in the body. This is why OBESE people should strongly consider LOSING weight and consuming MORE minerals. A FULL SPECTRUM of minerals will help them lose weight because normally, once they get an adequate supply of minerals, they WON’T eat as much!

Mineral insufficiency

Mineral insufficiency and trace element insufficiency problems are actually more likely to occur than vitamin insufficiency situations. Those at increased risk of such insufficiencies include people who eat low-calorie diets, the elderly, pregnant women, people on certain drugs (such as diuretics), vegans, and those consuming foods from areas where the soil is highly deficient in certain minerals. The soil of Alaska, for example, is very rich in selenium, while the soil in certain parts of China and New Zealand is very poor in this mineral. Thus, you can eat foods from those areas, eat a perfectly “balanced” diet, as recommended by most physicians, take the average mineral supplement, and still develop severe mineral deficiencies or trace element deficiencies that can only be averted through dietary change and supplementation with a complete spectrum of minerals.

Sub-optimal mineral intake

Sub-optimal intake can be due to factors other than soil depletion. These factors are as diverse as the effects of acid rain and the over-refining and over-processing of foods. Our vulnerability to even slight dietary imbalances in minerals can be appreciated by comparing, to begin with, our daily mineral intake (about 1.5 grams) with our total intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids (about 500 grams). Thus, our mineral intake represents only about 0.3 percent of our total intake of nutrients, yet minerals are so potent and so important that without them, we would not be able to utilize the other 99.7 percent of foodstuffs and would quickly perish.

Recommended Daily Intake

There has been a strong tendency on the part of some dietetic and medical professionals to discourage people from taking more than the RDI’s (Recommended Daily Intake) for minerals that can be obtained, they say, in the typical American and European diet. Many people frown upon Supplements because they believe their doctor when he says,” just eat three good square meals each day, and you will get all the nutrition you need” Unfortunately, numerous studies have repeatedly shown that this is very poor advice.

Apart from the big obvious things like love, children, and death, most of the really walloping emotional highs and lows of our lives have involved listening to the establishment. This is one case where they are FAR OFF BASE. It is a proven fact that many, possibly all, people on Earth are NOT getting the RDI’s from the recognized minerals in their daily diets. Again, this is because most of our raw foods contain a MINIMAL number of minerals and even become more superficial when they are over-processed and overcooked. Americans tend to cook most foods, which are then overcooked, destroying the food’s natural enzymes.

Canning kills enzymes

Canning kills enzymes; once the enzymes are gone, even minerals cannot help them. This places stressful situations upon our disease resistance. Supplementation, therefore, not only seems advisable, it is advisable! Obviously, everyone should supplement their daily diet with as many minerals as possible so they can be healthy, vibrant, and strong throughout their adult lives. Dreams of good health are tremendous, but the REALITIES of good health are better!

Another well-published test result on food was reported by Dr. David Thomas. Dr. Thomas of the United Kingdom is a healthcare practitioner and independent researcher. He compared British Government tables, published in 1940 and again in 2002. The Food Commission published his findings in the FOOD NAVIGATOR, which was on its website at https://www.foodnavigator.com/.

The findings also apply to the U.S.

The report is on food in the UK but believe me, the United States is just as deficient in minerals, if not more so! The report stated, “plummeting mineral levels of milk, meat, and vegetables over the last 60 years will have grave consequences for the future health of the UK, according to a shocking food analysis”

It said the iron content in 15 different varieties of meat had decreased on average by 47 percent, with some meat products showing a fall as high as 80 percent. Copper and magnesium, essential for enzyme functioning, also showed substantial losses. Magnesium levels have typically fallen by 60 percent. Dairy products have experienced a 90 percent drop in copper, while the calcium loss in high-value Parmesan Cheese was an extraordinary 70 percent.

Dr. Thomas said, “We’ve lost the plot. Until people wake up to the nutritional situation, things will only get worse”! He added, “We’re beginning to see an increase in what was once called adult-onset diabetes in kids and an increase in asthma and hyperactivity.” All these have nutritional links. He said, “When I see chronic illnesses such as these, I always think it is amazing what a difference changing diets can do, but why shouldn’t it be like this in the first place?” Frankly, it’s like this because we either weren’t aware or didn’t care to do anything about this in years past.

End of The Root of All Disease Chapter 8

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