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The Root of All Disease Chapter 12

Electricity Smallness & Solubility is the Key : The Route of All Disease Chapter 12

Plant minerals like those obtained from tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, oranges, or other food grown from the soil are different from metallic minerals. Their size and molecular weight are much smaller than metallic minerals. In most cases, the plant minerals are attached to an additional molecule even though they possess the same name. As a result, the scientific community may change the name of plant minerals in the future. If they do, it will be because plant minerals are composed differently and, therefore, FUNCTION differently than metal elements.

As was mentioned earlier, plant minerals like those from fruits and vegetables are enzymatically alive. They have been pre-digested by the plant as the plant was growing. Expert Nutritional Doctors say this pre-digestion allows the plant minerals to reach the cellular level and go to work immediately due to their small size and because no bodily digestion is required. The small particle size of the minerals is the key. The Senonian Minerals were particle-sized by Dr. Ranville of the Colorado School of Mines. Please review Dr. Ranville’s logarithm scale below:

The Root of All Disease Chapter 12 Graph 1
the organic continuum scale

Basically, the organic continuum scale reveals that clay, silt, and hydrophobic metallic minerals, on average, are considerably larger than hydrophilic acids or hydrophilic plant minerals. The figures at the top, from left to right, are measurements in microns. For example, 104 is ten times smaller than 103, 109 is ten times smaller than 108, etc. The exponents of 10 indicate that bacteria, viruses, clay, and humic metal complexes are considerably larger than hydrophilic complexes such as the Senonian hydrophilic plant-derived minerals.

These pure plant minerals can be pumped through a pharmaceutical grade, .01 micron (absolute) filter. Most metallic minerals will not pass through this small membrane. Only the water passes through. As indicated, a water molecule is only slightly smaller than hydrophilic complexes. The small size and water solubility are why so many nutritionists believe the Senonian plant minerals are much easier to assimilate and absorb than metallic minerals. The small size of a plant mineral gives it much more surface area.

the dalton

Therefore, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach comes in contact with considerably more surface area, allowing for much more and possibly 100% assimilation. The bottom portion of the scale relates to the particle’s weight, measured in atomic mass units or AMUs or Daltons. A Dalton is a measurement of molecules and atoms. When reviewing the scale, it is plain to see that the molecular weight of a hydrophilic mineral is considerably less than metallic complexes. In short, this indicates there is as much difference in generally known “Colloidal minerals” or “Metallic minerals” and “Senonian produced plant-derived minerals” as day and night. When studying the organic carbon continuum (logarithm scale), it is easy to understand why water-soluble Senonian plant minerals are considered much more effective than metallic minerals.

In addition to being water-soluble, plant-derived mineral extracts that the plant has pre-digested are naturally acidic. This alone makes important elements like calcium and iron more easily absorbable. As revealed in the preceding logarithm scale, a plant mineral is as much as several thousand, and with some, at least a hundred thousand, and others as much as a million times smaller than the smallest metallic mineral.

The average plant-derived mineral can be measured in nanometers, and the smallest in picometers. On average, they are less than 0.00001 microns in size, which could conceivably be 1/10,000th the size of a red blood cell. Their small size gives them an enormous surface area. It has been calculated that the plant-derived minerals in one ounce of the Senonian Liquid Minerals would have a total surface area of approximately 55 acres of land. That’s billions of tiny electrically charged minerals.

surface area calculation

The surface area calculation is inconceivable to most people. They just don’t understand it. Let me explain. Let’s assume you measure the outer surface of a basketball. Deflate the basketball and fill it with marbles, then measure the surface area of all the marbles. You have increased the surface area within the basketball by about 1 million times. Remove the marbles and fill the basketball with buckshot. You have again increased the surface area by approximately 10 million times.

Now, remove the buckshot and fill the void with sugar granules. You have again increased the total surface area by about 25 million times. Remove the sugar granules and fill the basketball with ultra-microscopic mineral powder from dehydrated Senonian liquid minerals. You have again increased the surface area by approximately another 50 million times. This explains the calculated 55 acres due to the smallness of plant-derived minerals.

Experts in the Medical and Nutritional fields have told me they believe the Senonian Plant Minerals are so small they go directly to the cellular level. Most importantly, they say, they are immediately effective, like minerals from a tomato, because the body doesn’t have to digest them. Instead, they have been pre-digested by the plant.

Negatively-charged minerals

All plants, fruits, and vegetables contain converted or assimilated metallic minerals, which become negatively charged through the plant’s synthesizing process. For minerals to be quickly and adequately absorbed through the intestinal membrane, they must be negatively charged. Therefore, when you eat plants or a plant’s fruit, you are eating plant-derived minerals in an already combined and electrochemically neutralized form. These negatively charged, water-soluble minerals are non-toxic in reasonable dosage.

For example, iodine in plant-derived form is one of the elements for good health. And this is really interesting; if you drank even 2 grains of free iodine, it would kill you. But in its plant-derived form, iodine is not only harmless, but it is also beneficial. The same is true for plant-derived arsenic, lead, aluminum, and other minerals considered toxic in their metallic form. A full spectrum of plant minerals will significantly enhance your chances of good health if you stretch a lot, exercise often, and sensibly select your foods and drinks and consume them in balance and moderation.

End of The Root of All Disease Chapter 12

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