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The Root of All Disease Chapter 10

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The Root of All Disease Chapter 10: Soil mineral depletion continues

As members of today's society, you and I are the most health-conscious and well-informed generations in history. We know that being proactive about wellness is essential to our international lifestyle. We should seek products that keep us healthy by producing beneficial results without harmful side effects like those produced by most drugs. This is why we should become proactive and concerned about the mineral depletion of our soils. Our soils need to be in better shape! These mineral losses are causing and will continue to cause havoc with the health of all people on Earth. If we don't find some way to correct this situation, we will need, on a percentage basis, twice as many hospitals in the next fifty years as we have at this time.

Can you imagine the cost to a country's government for health care one hundred years from now? The population will continue to grow, minerals will continue to become more depleted, and people will continue to get sicker and have more ailments due to a poorer food chain. All of us, the ordinary people of the world, should prompt and encourage our government officials to take notice of the existing mineral deficiencies. This information can no longer be withheld. It must be addressed, steps taken, and guidelines must be set to make the public aware of the problem. We must also look for ways to slow the soil mineral depletion process.

The Health industry is Not listening

I am disgusted to learn the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, the Drug Industry, and thousands of medical doctors don't pay heed to the importance of minerals in human health.

Is this because there are billions of dollars made on illness and disease?

Do the existing health organizations and practitioners really believe drugs will make us healthy?

Drug companies are reaping unbelievable profits while 200,000+ people die in the United States annually from prescription drugs. When will this catastrophe stop? While I am at it, I might as well ask another question.

Why do drug companies spend billions advertising their drugs on radio and television? 

After all, the doctor does the prescribing, not the patient, so why don't they advertise to the doctors? By saving advertising dollars, they could lower the cost of drugs dramatically. Instead, we're all at risk of being spoon-fed through advertising by the drug industry.

More importantly, how do we know all drugs are safe? As everyone knows, some drugs have caused serious problems, especially the Covid jabs and boosters that cause myocarditis and sudden heart attacks that kill or maim even super-fit professional sportsmen and women. Supposedly, the producers and marketers have tested them and found the risk of taking them to be less than the conditions for which they were prescribed.

Unfortunately, due to Emergency Use Authorization issued by reckless politicians, ignorant or misled people take for granted that all drugs are tested on the right class of people with the disease or ailment for which the drug is intended. Unlike those who take drugs who are ill and need medication, in general, drugs are tested on individuals who are pretty healthy and not on other medications that can interfere with findings. When they are declared "safe for everyone" and enter the market, they will naturally be used by sick people on various other medications.

Make sure you take your minerals

Consume all the minerals your body needs every day, and you won't be so concerned about whether or not drugs are safe because you WON'T need them!

Mineral depletion is not something that suddenly occurs. It was already recognized 120 years ago. Dr. Alexis Carrel, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1912, said,

"Soil is the basis of all human life and our only hope for a healthy world... All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy according to soil fertility. Minerals in the soil control the metabolism of cells in plants, animals, and man… Diseases are created chiefly by destroying the harmony among mineral substances present in tiny amounts in air, water, and food, but most importantly in soil."

The U. S. Department of Agriculture published this quote in 1977:

"In the future, we will not be able to rely anymore on our premise that the consumption of a varied, balanced diet will provide all the essential trace minerals because such a diet will be very difficult to obtain for millions of people."


Why have we not heard much about this before? Why have we yet to hear much about the topic of soil mineral depletion that was agreed upon during the 'THE EARTH SUMMIT' held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992?

The consensuses from analytical tests concluded that the soil mineral content during the 100 years from 1892 to 1992 declined in specific countries as follows and was published as the WORLD'S MOST IMPOVERISHED SOILS:

  • U. S. and Canada---85% Reduction
  • South America---76% Reduction
  • All of Asia---76% Reduction
  • Europe---72% Reduction
  • Australia---55% Reduction

The summit concluded the leading causes of mineral depletion in soil were:

  1. Water cycle and soil erosion
  2. Aggressive farming
  3. Fertilizers and Pesticides
1922 Earth Summit Extract – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10.1. Land is normally defined as a physical entity in terms of its topography and spatial nature: a broader integrative view also includes natural resources: the soils, minerals, water, and biota that the land comprises. These components are organized in ecosystems that provide various services essential to maintaining the integrity of life-support systems and the productive capacity of the environment. 

Land resources are used in ways that take advantage of all these characteristics. The land is a finite resource, while the natural resources [such as minerals in the soil] it supports can VARY over time and according to management CONDITIONS and USES. Expanding human requirements and economic activities are placing ever-increasing pressures on land resources, creating competition and conflicts and resulting in suboptimal use of both land and land resources. 

If human requirements are to be met in a sustainable manner in the future, it is now essential to resolve these conflicts and move towards more effective and efficient use of land and its natural resources. Integrated physical and land-use planning and management is an eminently practical way to achieve this. Examining all uses of land in an integrated manner makes it possible to minimize conflicts, make the most efficient trade-offs, and link social and economic development with environmental protection and enhancement, thus helping to achieve sustainable development objectives. The essence of the integrated approach finds expression in the coordination of the sectoral planning and management activities concerned with the various aspects of land use and land resources.

hydrophilic plant minerals

Now that we know the few metallic minerals, we recognize are more scarce than ever, we need to consider hydrophilic plant minerals and a source of these that contain AT LEAST 70 minerals. From my 25 years of experience with a complete spectrum of minerals, I am convinced that proper supplementation will help prevent and/or eliminate various forms of some degenerative disease, even after it is detected. I know how important this vast number of minerals can be for good health because I have consumed a full spectrum of 75 minerals daily for twenty-five years while consulting with others who have used them for nearly as long as I have.

I know the use of numerous plant-derived minerals with their infinitesimal amounts sharpens the mind, brings the past into memory, makes people joyous, preserves youth, and delays age-related mental deterioration. It is so gratifying to me to attend one of my school reunions and see how much healthier I am than my former classmates. And how much healthier I am than I was twenty years ago. What's even more gratifying is that I know my improved health has come from the full spectrum of minerals.

Plants make vitamins, not minerals

As you've already heard, plants can make vitamins, but they cannot make minerals. We must obtain our minerals from sources other than plants, but we know there are few available due to the mineral depletion of our soil. Even if there were still 75 minerals in the soil and we were able to get them, they would still be metallic minerals, and, as mentioned earlier, according to the experts, our digestive systems only assimilate about 8 percent of the metallic minerals we consume.

The world's finest laboratories will never be able to develop synthetic foods that will sustain the human body or replace the body's need for minerals, not even Bill Gate's hoped-for synthetic meat factories. Also, the world's finest laboratories and brightest chemists will never be able to develop or duplicate plant-derived minerals. IT JUST ISN'T POSSIBLE! Humankind was made to live off the land! Our foods must come from Mother Nature, but Mother Nature is nearly exhausted regarding nutritional value. So, if we can't get many minerals from modern-day plants, foods, or the world's finest laboratories, where do we get them? I believe the answer is Senonian Vegetate!

Young plant in mineral-rich soil
Senonian Vegetate

What is Senonian Vegetate? Senonian Vegetate is best described as a blend of numerous plants that grew during the Senonian period of 70 to 80 million years ago. For some unknown reason, this prehistoric vegetative matter congregated in a large area of central Utah in the United States. This vegetate consists of numerous plants that grew at a time when the topsoil of the Earth still had 80 or more minerals available for plants to draw upon. It has been encapsulated under a thick layer of sandstone, protecting it from the elements that would have leached out many of the minerals had it been closer to the surface.

Senonian Vegetate is mined much like coal, under the watchful eyes of The Federal Bureau of Land Management. The vegetate generates a lot of curiosity because occasionally, you can actually see small impressions of leaves, stems, and berries in the material. After mining, it is placed in large food-grade vats and covered with room temperature pure reverse osmosis water to leach out at least 75 pure plant-derived minerals. This vast array of minerals is today's most complete FULL SPECTRUM source of plant minerals. This comprehensive blend of plant minerals provides an incredible nutritional benefit when used in food supplements or formulations of processed foods. These minerals also blend very well with animal feeds to enhance nutritional value beyond anything imaginable! In addition, they contribute significantly to plant growth and increase nutritional value when used as a soil mineralizer or foliate.

Amazing results

I have studied the effects of Senonian minerals for over 20 years. The results were terrific! I've had personal experiences that would nearly make one believe in miracles. We have heard of similar experiences through thousands of phone calls and letters from Senonian Mineral customers who proclaim unbelievable cures, alleviations, and astonishing benefits from using this full spectrum of plant minerals. However, we are NOT allowed to publish this information. I am NOT allowed to tell you the truth about the benefits of these minerals. By law, it must be suppressed, or we could be accused of practicing medicine without a license.

Isn't this ridiculous? You could have the best health improvement product on Earth that could save millions of lives, but you are NOT allowed to publish its merits if you're NOT a member of the DRUG SOCIETY! Frankly, the suppression of information that might prove helpful is contrary to the maturity and health of any free society.

Even though we are not allowed to tell people the truth, our trial and error tests and observations of the reactions and testimonials from thousands of people have convinced us that nothing is more beneficial than the pure Senonian plant-derived minerals, especially because its composition has a low pH, lots of sulfur and 75 minerals. Nothing warms the soul like the sense of satisfaction that these minerals have really helped improve someone's health. I have witnessed adults bent over and weeping, in front of large audiences, while telling their stories about how the Senonian liquid minerals or effervescent minerals wafers changed their lives.

Senonian Minerals & SULFUR

The Senonian Minerals are very acidic, which helps raise the acid level in the digestive area, which in turn promotes better food assimilation. As mentioned previously, a high acid level inhibits anaerobic bacteria and viral replication. In my opinion, the main reason the Senonian Minerals provide such tremendous benefits is that they contain an unusually high amount of sulfur. Sulfur also aids in the utilization of calcium.

As an example, many middle-aged women have reported some interesting facts. They were severely calcium deficient when they began to consume these minerals. However, they were no longer calcium deficient after using the liquid Senonian Minerals at two ounces per day for more than a year. This occurred without the aid of additional calcium intake. This could have happened because of the high amount of sulfur. I believe we humans may not require nearly as much calcium as assumed if we supplemented our diets with a complete spectrum of minerals from plants. I think this is also true concerning the RDI of other minerals. We may only need a little of the other minerals, as previously assumed, if we use a tiny amount of nearly ALL the minerals found on Earth.

Now that we have reviewed and gained a little knowledge about mineral depletion, let's consider just how vital minerals may be for long-term survival. We may begin by asking the following two questions:

Just how important are minerals for good health? And do minerals prevent disease?

Let me recite a famous statement from Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Laureate. He said, in his opinion, "One could trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." He also said, "Nothing is more important than minerals to maintain a strong immune system." If these statements are factual, and I believe they are, "The Root of All Disease" is a LACK of minerals.

End of The Root of All Disease Chapter 10

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