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Why We Must Supplement Our Diets With Trace Minerals

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75+ Pure Plant-Derived Senonian Minerals

You must give your body all the raw materials it needs to maintain and renew itself in order to enjoy a healthy and disease-free life...

...yet so many people are suffering because they don’t know why or how.

Also, the raw natural nutrients so vital to your health can be challenging to find. Many years of commercial farming, food processing, mining, irrigation, pesticides, synthetic additives, and pollution have destroyed and removed the life-giving minerals from our soil.

Mineral-deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. If the life-giving trace minerals are not in the ground, they are certainly not in the food, and devastatingly, they are not in YOU or your pets.

Because of this shortage of minerals, your food is highly likely to lack the essential minerals necessary to live a long and healthy life.

Most trace minerals are absent from today's fruit and vegetables

“Eat five-a-day fruit & veg”

Dr. Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel Laureate) has stated: “The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals.”

The absolute best minerals for your body are ‘plant-derived’; don’t even think about using metallic minerals. Metallic minerals are the cheap, ineffective type you find in most health shops. You are basically eating ground-up rock and clay instead of the pure hydrophilic plant-derived minerals your body is screaming out for. Have you ever tried eating rocks?

Plant-derived minerals are absolutely essential to your health and longevity. Fortunately, we have seen dramatic results in some people with chronic degenerative diseases where mainstream physicians and doctors have given up hope.

Of course, big pharmaceutical drug companies have zero financial interest whatsoever in educating the medical community about ‘meager profit’ plant-derived minerals. Indeed, they can’t ‘patent’ mother nature’s natural products. Bill Gates tried that with lemons and got a rude awakening.

Do you really think that's enough?
Lost trace minerals. HELP!

What Can You Do To Stay Really Healthy and Look Younger? And is it possible to stop...

Diabetes ... Heart Disease... Arthritis?

We all age, and that’s normal. But many people suffer from heart disease, joint pain, diabetes, eyesight problems, hearing difficulties, and many other serious degenerative diseases because we simply don’t care for ourselves and our bodies.

We don’t give our bodies the nutrients – the raw building blocks of life, the plant-derived minerals and vitamins you need to fight back and keep us in the best health. In many ways, we’re starving ourselves into ill health, and every one of us needs to THINK about why.

Every Day We Deplete Ourselves...

Think about it. We’re stressed from work and everyday life. We’re tired from commuting and traveling. As a result, we eat on the go and mostly choose the wrong foods.

We sleep badly because we’re depleted of the essential nutrients our bodies need to give us the zing and zest that living today demands.

Then, out of nowhere, you get arthritis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc., and you think it’s just bad luck. It’s not... you have simply starved yourself of critical nutrients because they are not in your food in the right amounts. Your body is basically defenseless.

You know what it’s like. You look gray and feel tired. You look pale, and your eyes look tired. Wrinkles develop early, your hair lacks bounce, and your skin doesn’t glow. Concentration gets more demanding, your eyesight deteriorates, and you feel worn out most of the time. When this occurs, you’re an illness just waiting to happen.

You need a lot more plant-derived minerals and quality vitamins...

Have you heard of Subclinical Disease?

Subclinical disease is an illness that stays below the surface of clinical detection. It has no recognizable clinical findings, and you feel perfectly well. It’s distinct from a clinical disease, which has signs and symptoms that can be recognized.

Many diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and stroke, are often subclinical long before they surface as advanced symptomatic clinical diseases.

One of the major causes of subclinical disease is plant mineral deficiency. This deficiency has serious adverse effects on long-term health. However, most people don’t realize that subclinical disease can progress undetected for decades, then emerge with painful and serious clinical symptoms in later life.

What Can You Do To Stay Really Healthy and Look Younger? And is it possible to stop...

Your body gives you early warning signs such as joint pain, harmful sleep patterns, headaches, lack of energy, etc.

The two microscope pictures below show a ‘Live Blood Microscopy’ test carried out by a London Harley Street Specialist. Plant minerals and trace minerals work at the cellular level to help prevent subclinical and clinical diseases inside your body:

Blood microscopy

Dr. Gary Price-Todd stated: “The human body needs at least 60 minerals to maintain a disease- and ailment-free state.”

Dr. Todd also said: “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals.”

Dr. Carolyn Dean MD. ND. Said: “We should be eating plant-based minerals.”

When a plant grows, it draws the available minerals and trace minerals from the soil. The World Health Organization, the UK Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF, and the Royal Society of Chemistry have all produced reports showing the alarming trace mineral content decline in our foods since the 1940s.

“Minerals are the Spark Plugs of Life!”

Following Dr. Todd’s advice, it makes healthy sense that people need to find a mineral source that provides 60 or more trace minerals. Minerals that are plant-derived and possess the same chemical makeup as those found in healthy fruits and vegetables. Add those to vitamins, and your body has the top-grade fuel to power its defense systems. Plant-derived minerals are natural. They are not metallic or manufactured and have not been created in a laboratory. This makes them easy for your body to absorb and use. So when choosing your trace minerals, make sure they are plant-derived, NOT metallic.

Stay healthy

Your health, well-being, intelligence, energy, functionality, immune system, and appearance depend on the body replenishing its stocks of plant minerals and vitamins several times daily. Products packed with naturally sourced plant minerals and vitamins will give you everything you need to stay healthy. Now you can arm your body to cope naturally with everything that life throws at it. Remember, you cannot get enough plant-derived minerals from modern food, despite what some “experts” may tell you.

“Women Love Plant Minerals”

The added benefit is that you can look good too. Many female consumers report stronger, healthy nails, clearer eyes, softer, shinier hair, and beautiful improved skin.

Trace minerals are the spark plugs of life

Cancer Support International

Soil mineral depletion is a major worry

According to ‘Cancer Support International,’ plant-based minerals are different from those that come from the ground. Although minerals – even if they are metallic – have some value in balancing bodily functions. However, you could not live on clay or rock because it is not alive or enzymatically active.

Plant-derived minerals, which have not been destroyed by heat or altered by manufactured chemicals, are, from a medical standpoint, enzymatically active living materials. Note: Plant-derived minerals should not be confused with metallic minerals, which come from salts, clay, ancient sea-beds, and ground-up rocks and soil. Have you ever tried eating rocks?

Metallic vs Plant Based Minerals

The human body is not designed to absorb, assimilate or use metallic minerals. The health food industry recognized the metallic mineral absorption problem in the mid-1970s. Some companies still wanted to use them because they are cheap to produce, but at what cost to health?

Chelated Minerals

Their solution is ‘chelated minerals,’ which are developed in the laboratory. This process involves wrapping amino acids or proteins around metallic minerals to help the body metabolize them. Chelation does alleviate the problem SLIGHTLY by providing a little better absorption, but nowhere near the levels obtained from pure plant-derived hydrophilic (water-loving) minerals and trace minerals from Mother Nature.

We all know about toxic metals (toxic minerals), and most people have been led to believe that so-called toxic minerals are bad regardless of their source. This is a major misunderstanding amongst doctors. Let’s take aluminum as an example. Aluminum, as found in the soil, is a metallic mineral. It has always bothered us to learn that so many of our supposed leaders, intellectuals, physicians, doctors, and nutritionists know so little about this element. As a result, it has been criticized beyond belief. 

Okay, metallic aluminum, which can be dissolved or leached from aluminum pans, pots, or utensils, may be highly toxic or harmful. But what about aluminum from plants? The lack of knowledge in this area from so-called professionals is quite frankly embarrassing.

In the first place, every bit of aluminum that comes from a plant source is ‘pre-assimilated’ by the plant. It is naturally tied to oxygen or silica, making it aluminum hydroxide or aluminum silica. Both are known to be very beneficial and extensively used as food additives worldwide. A good example is bananas; they are loaded with ‘good healthy aluminum.’

Blood Pressure and Salt (sodium chloride)

We regularly receive reports from consumers that plant-derived minerals are normalizing blood pressure. Unfortunately, some people, including doctors and health professionals, confuse the ‘sodium’ in a pre-historic plant mineral blend with table salt. But, of course, we know there is a link between table salt and high blood pressure. However, table salt is Sodium Chloride, whereas the ‘good’ sodium in plant-derived minerals is precisely the same form of sodium as found in every vegetable or fruit! Sodium is an essential mineral that plays a massive role in the working of the nervous system and must not be confused with ordinary table salt.

Note: The absolute best plant-derived minerals are basically lush green pre-historic vegetation bursting with health-giving nutrients.

Pre-historic times

Pre-Historic Times

Millions of years ago, the soil near the Earth’s surface had at least 84 minerals available nearly everywhere. So the plants of pre-historic times were rich in minerals because of an abundant supply. The mineral content of plants has been severely altered throughout the last several million years and drastically changed over the previous 120 years, mainly because of commercial farming and food processing. As a result, even organic foods (which you should eat) are deficient in plant-derived trace minerals. The good thing about real organic food is that it should be free of carcinogenic pesticides and chemicals. However, all food labeled ‘organic’ is still plant mineral deficient.

Soil erosion

When people began to till the soil, wind, and rain, erosion began to take its toll along with continuous cropping, which gradually caused farm soils to lose minerals. According to Dr. Gary Price-Todd, MD., the human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimal health. But alarmingly, only 8 minerals are available in any quantity in most of the food we eat today. That is very worrying. In the United States and Europe, the soils are particularly mineral deficient because of the extended use of fertilizers and “maximum yield” mass farming methods. Several leading health organizations have confirmed this.


Pre-Historic Plant Minerals come from special mines where deposits are 70 million years old. In those days, dinosaurs grew to enormous sizes because 84+ trace minerals and nutrients were available in the soil. Isn’t it time you started to consume the same natural ‘super nutrition’ and those all-important 75+ pure plant-derived hydrophilic minerals?

Life is sacred, but good health is essential

Consumer Testimonials

Many consumers send testimonials on a regular basis. Please send us yours.

Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure – A Thing Of The Past!

II have suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for five years, High Blood Pressure for 14 years approx., Osteoarthritis pain in my knee for 21 years and taking Doctor’s medication and also nutrition supplements from different companies and yet I continue to suffer.

II have now weaned myself off all the doctor’s medications. My right 4th toe no longer goes over my big toe, as deformity had started.

For the past three months I can now walk flat as my right foot had a tendency to arch due to the deformity that was creeping in because of Arthritis. Thanks to discovering the miracle of Plant Derived Minerals my life has improved dramatically.

Neville – London

Trace minerals testimonial

Increased Energy

Since my friend recommended that I try Plant Derived Minerals, I’ve been very impressed. The first thing I noticed was increased energy, plus my nails are growing fast (I play a guitar so have to cut them nearly every day now). I’m going to be on these plant minerals forever.

Paul Bradbury

At 67, I feel like a 30-year-old after a near-death Experience

In 2006, when I hit 50, I began to feel numbness in my feet after getting over a bad dose of flu. However, within a week, I struggled to walk properly, so I visited my local GP. Unfortunately, he was away, and in his place was a young locum. He prescribed vitamin B tablets. Four days later, the numbness had worsened and reached my abdomen. Even my fingers were tingling and becoming numb.

I panicked, and this time I saw my trusted and experienced GP, who quickly diagnosed Guillain Barre Syndrome. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital. For five weeks, I was in there, blood test after blood test, two lumbar punctures, NMR scans, and even a brain scan after I had passed out one day.

After three weeks of zero treatment and the paralysis worsening by the day, I was put on intravenous immunoglobulin drips.

By week five and approaching Christmas, I began regaining my walking ability. Finally, on Christmas Eve, I was discharged, but with a Zimmer frame to prevent me falling. And I felt like an old man. Unfortunately, I then developed facial palsy.

But the paralysis was easing. Having time off from work as an engineer, I scoured the Internet for clues as to the possible cause of this disabling, nasty disease that few Doctors knew much about. It was an autoimmune response that had my antibodies attack the myelin sheath of peripheral nerve cells, so electrical signals weren’t being transmitted, hence the paralysis. The immunoglobulins from kind donors’ blood replaced my antibodies. That was the vital remedy, and it saved my life! I wish I could thank those donors. Later, I heard that the blood came from the United States, hence the time it took to get on the drips – very much appreciated, cousins. 👍😊 🙏

But while searching and learning, I discovered the role of trace minerals in our food, and health, and the frightening shortage of them in everyday foods. Call it a leap of faith, but I found Elmer Heinrich’s US Naturals Inc and his Sizzling Minerals. That was in 2007. Since then, Peter Willoughby has bought the Sizzling Minerals brand, and I now get these here in the UK. 

17 years have passed, and I’m now 67. And I feel very well, thank you. I must be one of the longest users of these plant-derived mineral wafers. I have had no relapse, and I admit that I stopped taking them seven years ago because I felt so well! Unfortunately, my health worsened over the two years after stopping taking the fruity drink. I was getting head colds again, and I thought, “screw this!” and got back on them. It took three months to feel better again. We need these trace minerals in our diets every day. Don't miss out!

I’ve never had Covid and am as agile as I was in my 30s. I don’t ride a bicycle anymore because I got bored of cycling for 40+ miles here in the hilly Peak District! Instead, I like to go for walks. Besides, there are too many vehicles on the roads these days – it's getting a bit dangerous.

The 75+ trace minerals in Sizzling Minerals ought to be in our food, but they’re not. So, I set up this pureminerls.uk website primarily as an affiliated site for Sizzling Minerals. However, I also find Health Ranger products worth promoting, so you’ll see some of those on this site.

Do get Sizzling Minerals, though. You’ll be glad you did. They give you peace of mind that you’re one of the few that ain't lacking minerals! You'll have 75+ of them. Don’t waste money on phony multi-mineral products made of ground-up rock. They don’t work and have at most 12-20 minerals in rock form that simply end up going down the toilet.

“By the way, since childhood, I always bit my fingernails. I couldn’t help it. However, since I began taking Sizzling Minerals, the habit has stopped! I didn’t even realize it until I scratched myself and drew blood in late 2007! I agree with other testimonial writers when they say their nails rapidly grow because of these plant trace minerals. As I type this on my computer, I need to clip my nails again because I keep pressing two keys together! It’s most annoying. I have to cut them once a week. And I have no urge to bite them.

“Also, I used to get frequent head colds (2 or 3 every year) since I can remember. However, After coming out of the hospital and taking Sizzling Minerals in 2007, I found that one day in that summer, I kept blowing into my handkerchief continuously for about 10 minutes! All the gunge that had accumulated in my sinuses was expunged. It was amazing! After that, when I ever get a head cold, it lasts maybe a couple of days, and I don’t lose the taste of food, which I always did before taking these sizzling trace minerals.

“No one can prove that these hydrophilic minerals have boosted my and other people's health. It’s just something that you know is real. Maybe the big pharma money men know that these minerals work, but keep it quiet because if the truth comes out, their profits will nosedive big time as people will no longer need their expensive chemical remedies.” 

George Wesler, owner of pureminerals.uk

P.S. Anyone can become an affiliate, so have a look if you desire a second income. I can help. Just email admin@pureminerals.uk 

83-Year-Old Says “No Thanks” to Doctor

“I would like to say how thrilled I am about Sizzling Minerals. Being an active 83-year-old, I really didn’t think that there was very much that would benefit my health. My doctor keeps trying to introduce me to different medications to help me combat some health problems that I have.

“I really am not, and never have been, a ‘pill popper’ and graciously refused. I have to say I feel like my body clock has been reset by 20 years at least! I now have so much energy during the day that I no longer need my cat naps in the afternoon and I really feel that my general health is significantly better.

“My doctor is also impressed with my improved health. In fact, my blood pressure is normal (for my age) for the first time in many years. I cannot help but tell everyone about what Sizzling Plant Trace Minerals can do. I understand now why my nephew is so passionate about them... I am too. Thank you for the information.”

Betty Williams, Manchester

Bodybuilder and Fitness Fanatic Says:

“I have been taking Sizzling Minerals for over a year now, I have taken almost every brand of Vitamins and Mineral supplements but never before noticed an effect like I do with ‘Plant Derived’ Minerals.

I am able to train harder for longer and recover faster than ever before. No product ingredient or combination of products makes such a noticeable difference so fast like Sizzling Minerals do. I would recommend them to any one of any age with any background! I achieve my goals much faster now.

Rory O’Niell, Spain

Multiple Sclerosis – “Mike Has Never Felt Healthier”

I am 63-years-old and am a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis and I have been taking Plant Derived Sizzling Minerals. At first, I thought the good feelings that I was experiencing was possibly a Psychosomatic as in the past I had this kind of early reaction with supplements. However, after nearly nine months taking Plant Derived Minerals, I must let you know that whilst the MS symptoms I have are still there I have never felt as healthy as I am right now.

I have stopped taking the Medication that I have been prescribed by the medical profession and am not missing it one bit. I recommend that everybody should take plant minerals every day to keep the doctor away.

Mike Whitewood, Newquay

Racehorse owner's plant-derived minerals testimonial

Chronic Asthma

I’ve had chronic asthma for most of my life and been on medication. I was very sceptical but I thought ‘I would give it a go.’ What a fantastic job Sizzling Minerals have done. I will take this for the rest of my life. I implore everyone to try them and see what they can do for you.

Nikki Niven, Irvine

A pilot's tale

Fred Says “Pain going after 15 Years”

“I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my hands for well over fifteen years. I have just about every anti-inflammatory medicine medicine available bit I still had restrictive movement in my fingers and it was getting worse. After taking my daily plant minerals for a few short weeks, I now have little or no pain in my hands and fingers.

I don’t need to use special knives, forks, spoons and other equipment provided by the occupational therapist. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to the fantastic world of health that the plant derived minerals in Sizzling Minerals brings.”

Fred Burgess, Lytham St. Annes

Suffered Psoriasis for 20 Years

“Over the past 20 years, I have suffered from psoriasis on various parts of my body, including elbows, face, scalp and patches on the stomach and back. I have had many flare ups over the years which have resulted in hospital treatment by dermatologists.

“I have been semi controlling my psoriasis by a daily application of coal tar solutions and very greasy moisturisers, which was frankly a very time consuming and smelly process and not nice for my partner. I was introduced to plant minerals, I was very sceptical at first as I have have tried just about everything to try and get rid of this embarrassing skin condition, but I gave it a go as the cost to buy some was small.

“In just 3 weeks of taking the plant minerals I have been truly amazed at the results, my face is completely clear, my elbows are clear and the patches on my body have become much flatter and not as red, so I think it is only a matter of time before I am free from psoriasis for good. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!”

James Stallard, Doncaster

More about Minerals

Sizzling Minerals

75+ Pure Plant-derived Hydrophilic Minerals and Trace Minerals

Most of us have been hearing about vitamins since we were children. And even today, we hear authoritative sources say to be sure to take your vitamins, but seldom do you hear anyone say be sure to take your minerals! Vitamins are sometimes expected to do more than they are actually capable of in isolation. Our bodies can go far longer suffering from a deficiency of vitamins than they can with a shortage of minerals. Did you know that all the vitamins in the world would do us little good without minerals? The minerals in our bodies are so essential that the body will go to desperate lengths to maintain its balance.

If a cell is deficient in a single mineral, it will suffer the loss of several minerals.

Most of the better mineral formulations available today contain at most 10 to 15 minerals because they are metallic minerals derived from the earth. This type of mineral is known as a hydrophobic mineral. Basically, it will not interact with water because it is not water-soluble. The type of mineral which comes from a plant has been assimilated or digested by the plant and is known as a water-soluble, plant-derived, hydrophilic mineral. Hydrophilic minerals are the kinds of minerals that your body needs (as nature intended) so that it can repair itself and function at optimal health. Pure Pre-Historic Plant Minerals come from vegetation that grew 70 million years ago.

Utah mines

The ancient hydrophilic minerals are now found in special mines in Utah, USA, and can be obtained from specialist suppliers like the one to which this website is connected. You won’t find hydrophilic minerals in the high street shops in any significant quantity. Remember, you are looking for 60+ plant minerals and trace minerals (not metallic).

Now You Understand the Miracle of Pre-Historic Plant Minerals, What Next?

Plant-derived trace minerals

Synonymous terms: trace minerals research; trace minerals complex; trace minerals tablets; essential trace minerals; trace minerals deficiency; minerals trace

Important minerals: Phosphorus, Selenium, Zinc

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