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Try Sizzling Minerals whether you’re a sportsperson or have problems. Everyone needs 75+ minerals in their diet. Did you know that pets also need these health-giving minerals? They most certainly do! Find out more about this here.

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These natural plant minerals are 75 million years old yet are light years ahead of ANY product on the planet.

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Eight minerals are sufficient to raise large, red, juicy tomatoes. However, if you were blindfolded while eating, you would often need help identifying the tomatoes due to a lack of taste. The lack of taste is due to a lack of minerals. Soil depletion is the only reason today's plants contain no more than 16 to 20 minerals, compared to at least 80 minerals in the soil millions of years ago. Your body needs at least 60 plant-derived minerals to remain healthy and stave off degenerative diseases, so you have a severe problem if they are not in your food.

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Sizzling Minerals – Pure hydrophilic plant-derived Senonian minerals

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