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Sizzling Minerals Video 1

Sizzling Minerals Video 1: Watch this video and decide for yourself whether you need to find out more about the lack of minerals in modern food...

Sizzling Minerals give you the 75+ major and trace minerals that are lacking from today's foods due to farm soil mineral depletion. Get yours by clicking on the big button below! 

Sizzling Minerals Video 1

Our farmland soils are struggling. As a result, farm products in our supermarkets today are less nutritious than those from farms 300 years ago.

Back in those days, before the advent of mechanized farming following the Industrial Revolution, there were over 40 minerals and trace minerals in farm soils. Today's constantly tilled soils have had all but 12-16 minerals still remaining. Three of those are actually put back at great expense: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, via NPK fertilizers.

Yet most of that ends up in run-off into rivers and out to sea when it rains heavily. The trouble is the actual soil biome is disturbed during tillage. Actually, farmers tillage soil to bring to the surface minerals deeper down. But you can only do that for so many years before the practice becomes pointless when most of the minerals have gone.

Lost Minerals

Minerals are lost during every harvest and heavy rainfall. The European settlers in America quickly discovered that the soils they settled on became pretty useless after several years. When they first settled, farm foods and the animals did well. But after some years, the settlers were forced to move on to find richer pastures.

However, settlers around the bottomlands near rivers did much better. That's because rivers bring new minerals down from their sources in the mountains while churning river beds as they flow toward the sea. That still happens, but the quantity and variety of minerals in river water are less mineral-rich than around glaciers and volcanoes.

Utah Senonian Deposits

Thankfully, as seen in Sizzling Minerals video 1, we now have access to ALL the 75+ minerals and trace minerals that were in farmland soils following the last Ice Age. When the ice retreated, all minerals from the ground rocks by glaciers were abundant in the rich soils. Unfortunately, over the following 5,000 to 10,000 years, people and erosion have used up those life-giving minerals, most of which have gone into the seas.

Idea: dredge the sea beds to get these lost minerals back! But who would want to try that with all that plastic pollution and other dumped manufactured toxins out there?

At least with our Sizzling Minerals wafers that give us all the minerals Mother Earth once supplied in our food, many people have now claimed back their health, which was likely damaged by a lack of minerals. It's not any vitamin deficiencies but mineral deficiencies that are the primary cause of ill health. See our 'The Root of All Disease' pages on this website for more about that in the above menu.

TRC Minerals Inc

TRC Minerals mine the Senonian compost in the state of Utah. The mineral-rich deposits are converted to usable forms, and certain companies have obtained the license to sell their branded mineral supplements containing these 75+ minerals. Simply Naturals is a UK-based company that serves Europe and Australasia.

This site is affiliated with Simply Naturals, whose other products can be seen scattered among the web pages on this website. In addition, we have recently found a well-known U. S. supplier of its own branded version of Senonian compost minerals, and we'll be promoting those.

Awareness of the Mineral Deficiency Problem

More people must become aware of the mineral deficiencies in our soils. The Save Soil campaign is doing a fantastic job of making people and governments aware of the precarious nature of our farmland soils. But the group needs to highlight the mineral deficiencies of soils.

So, this website will pump out information about this massive problem over the next few years. Then, when all the wars go away, together with the banking crisis in the West, people worldwide will try to fix this nasty and growing problem.

In the meantime, get your Sizzling Minerals from the links on this website, and spread the word! The video is on Rumble from where you can share it:

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