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NYC Mayor's Save Soil Proclamation

Proclamation Mayor of New York

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New York City’s greenspaces are more than a luxury—they are necessary. Whether we’re breathing in clean air or reaping the Sun’s harvest of vitamin D, being in nature plays a critical role in managing our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

My administration is committed to expanding upon our city’s greenspaces and caring for our planet.

Through exciting initiatives, such as the opening of a rooftop farm in Staten Island and Executive Order 23, which requires that City capital project agencies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and more, my team and I are taking bold steps toward a cleaner, greener future. However, we know this must be a worthwhile effort, encompassing a diverse range of actions. So today, I am pleased to shine a spotlight on Save Soil Day.


Soil is one of the most crucial components in the lifeblood of our species and countless other forms of life across the Earth. Healthy soil grows and nourishes our foods, captures carbon dioxide, and absorbs water to help prevent droughts and floods.

However, due to intensive agricultural practices, deforestation, pollution, and a variety of other factors, the quality of our soil has become compromised. In response, Sadhguru, yogi and founder of the Isha Foundation, began the Save the Soil movement with the help of a dedicated and open-minded group of volunteers.

Since then, it has blossomed into a joint effort helmed by many of today’s leading voices in environmentalism. By working on the ground with farmers and global policymakers, this group has taken a powerful systems-wide approach to revitalize our soil. Its thoughtful guidelines incorporate the wisdom of experts and account for various soil types and agroecological zones. It is precise and thorough work such as this that makes it easy for all parties to understand their impact and become changemakers.

Spreading Awareness

In addition, the group works with everyday individuals to spread awareness of this growing problem so that we may unite for a common cause. Save the Soil is building bridges between nations of the world and people across the globe.

New York City is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these environmental allies. In this spirit, I was proud to announce my team’s plan to establish the nation’s most extensive composting program, which would help improve soil health here at home. I am pleased to recognize Save the Soil Day as well as Save the Soil’s many efforts to nurture a more united and renewable Earth.

Now, therefore, I, Eric Adams, Mayor of the City of New York, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, March 21st, 2023, in the City of New York as:

Save the Soil Day

Signed, Eric Adams, Mayor

Proclamation Save Soil Day New York City
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