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PetLife – Astounding All-In-One Pet Supplement with 75+ Minerals

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PetLife is Amazing!

PetLife Pussy

PetLife CompleteTM is an astounding pet care all-in-one supplement to keep your pet healthy and well-nourished. It contains the full spectrum of 75+ pure plant-derived from Senonian compost minerals they will ever need. Plus, vitamin C, curcumin, collagen, omega 3, and chondroitin/glucosamine complex for their joints.

You can’t get this all-in-one pet health care powerhouse in the shops or from any vet.

Rabbits, cats and dogs will be healthier and stay healthy when they have all the minerals Mother Earth is supposed to give them.

PetLife CompleteTM will, in the long run, help slash your veterinary bills as your pets will have fewer health issues such as teeth and gum problems, joints, and other common issues associated with a LACK OF MINERALS in their diets.

You can obtain Sizzling Minerals to acquire ALL the 75+ pure plant-derived minerals you need, but your pets can’t! They won’t like the fizzy drink. However, with PetLife CompleteTM they can EASILY get them all. Plus, joint care.

Simply Petlife - all the 75 minerals for your lovely pet. Give your cat or dog the minerals they also lack in their mass-produced pet food that's deficient in minerals

High Potency Broad Spectrum Formula

PetLife is ideal for your pet’s joints, coat, and general wellbeing. It’s the perfect PREVENTATIVE nutrition for all cats, dogs, bunnies, and other animals. It supports joints, the cellular system, and your pet’s immune system.

Each 300g pack gives 2-months’ supply for your beloved pet 

PetLife Testimonials

Pet Life for pets

Through the Mind of a Pussy Cat 

Cat says: “Plant-derived minerals (or miracles as I like to call them) are truly amazing. Nature really can heal everything.”

Bouncing Boxer Dog

A dog goes for walkies again after being given the minerals in PetLife:

Herbie the Rabbit

How a lethargic aging rabbit became bouncy again after being given much-needed pure plant-derived minerals:

Racehorses Benefit from Plant-derived Minerals!

Better-performing horses win races! Will the Grand National winner have been fed with 75+ pure plant-derived minerals?

Happy Huskies!

Amazing transformation in the health of racing huskies:

This Dog’s Arthritis Gets Better!

Soon after being given pure plant-derived minerals, this dog’s arthritic conditions improved immensely:

Dog with a Sensitive Stomach Gets Better!

This West Highland Terrier had a bad gut. It gets better with 75+ pure plant-derived minerals!

PetLife Ingredients

PetLife CompleteTM contains world-renowned prehistoric pure plant-derived minerals from the Senonian period, the last in the Cretaceous epoch, dated 88.5 to 65 million years ago. These minerals kept big animals like dinosaurs and giant mosses the size of trees, ferns, and giant cycads alive:

Prehistoric scene for PetLife

Depiction of what it might have been like on this planet before conditions changed that made these creatures extinct. The soils then were packed with perhaps over 100 minerals. Today’s soils have 12 to 16 on average. It makes you think. At least your pets can get most of those minerals via PetLife CompleteTM

PetLife gives your furry friends ALL the essential nutrients and minerals missing in today’s mass-produced slaughterhouse pet food. But if those slaughtered animals didn’t have the 75+ minerals your pet needs to stay healthy, your pet food won’t have those minerals!

Just add a little PetLife to their daily diet and see how QUICKLY your beloved pet becomes the happy soul it was meant to be

In short, PetLife:

👉Balances nutrition deficiency

👉Maintains flexibility of movement

👉Helps anti-inflammatory action of metabolism

👉Contains the full spectrum of 75+ pure plant-derived hydrophilic minerals

👉Gives high absorption of essential vitamins and trace elements

👉Is gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GM

👉Comes in an Easy Feed System (EFS)TM using digestible pellets

👉Is easily added to your pet’s normal feed

👉Can be fed to all pets regardless of age, size, or level of exercise

👉Must be used daily for the continuous support of your pet’s wellbeing

👉Comes with a scoop: ¼ scoop per day for a cat; small dogs up to 15kg ½ scoop per day; medium-sized dogs 15-30 kg a full scoop daily; large dogs over 30 kg should be given two level scoops per day

Meow! Please get me this!

Analytical constituents:

Protein: 12%; Oils & fats: 10%; Fiber: 10%; Salts: 4%; Oats, Hemp seed oil; Beet pulp; Vegetable oils & fats; 50mg 75+ plant-derived minerals per 10g scoop; Collagen matrix 25mg per 10g scoop; Vitamin C 10mg per 10g scoop

More PetLife Info

PetLife Kittens

Using a combination of specific and active ingredients and the same 100% 75+ pure plant-derived hydrophilic minerals and trace minerals in Sizzling Minerals for human consumption, PetLife is the ULTIMATE nutrition supplement for ALL pets.

Full Spectrum PetLife Plant-derived Mineral Complex

Essential for optimum biological cell health, it functions in humans and animals. These are highly absorbent (bio-available, hydrophilic) prehistoric plant minerals from the Senonian period. They are NOT cheap and ineffective metallic minerals found in many pet food supplements that pass through the pet’s gut and do nothing.

Pet Joint Health

In combination with the pure plant-derived minerals, PetLife comes with support for the joints of your pet:

Chondroitin is a vital cartilage source that cushions and lubricates bone joints. [1]

Collagen is a natural protein mammals produce to form the fabric and strength of connective tissues such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Arthritic pets are short in chondroitin and collagen. PetLife will help remedy that ailment. [2]

Curcumin comes from the potent antioxidant turmeric to mop up harmful free radicals in your pet’s joints. [3]

Glucosamine is a cartilage building block present in connective tissue. PetLife gives your pet that compound to assist joint movement. [4]

Omega 3 in PetLife is a fatty acid from hemp seed oil for your pet’s anti-inflammatory support and general health. [5]

Finally, vitamin C in PetLife is a water-soluble antioxidant essential for collagen production. [6]

Get PetLife CompleteTM For Your Dear Pet Now!

Pet life for your pets

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PetLife – Amazing All-In-One Pet Supplement with 75+ hydrophilic minerals, vitamins, and joint care

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Video Photo Credits

Caesar the Boxer Dog images by Boxer Dog Madness

Tabby the Cat images by Jackie Lou DL

See also this post about Amber the cat!

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