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Gentle, non-invasive, and effective lab-verified natural deodorants without toxic metals, propylene glycol, and alcohol

Lab-verified deodorants


What they say

The Lemongrass Organic Deodorant is my most favorite natural deodorant and best so far from all deodorants I’ve previously ordered here. It is so long lasting and keeps you confident on the protection it gives all day long. I’ve ordered another and will keep ordering. I’ll anytime recommend this product. For the H.R team please try to make this product available always, and thank you Mike and your team for your commitment towards healing the world with clean food!

Tochukwu Emmanuel Uyamadu

I’ve tried so many of the “healthy” deodorants and I always end up stinking after a while. This one truly works! I am a heavy sweater and trust me, if it works for me, I’d say it’ll work for anyone. I’ve tried so many other ones that people have recommended and they just do not work. I’m so glad I decided to give this one a try. I’ll never switch. It keeps me pretty dry, not stinky, and I can even go two days without reapplying. This is the best fragrance in this line, the Spicewood is pretty nice, but I wouldn’t recommend the sage lime. The only complaint I have with this deodorant is that the oils will stain the armpit of your clothes.

Julia Mikel
Natural Deodorant Range


Did you know that mainstream deodorant products (they are not natural deodorants) usually contain toxic ingredients such as propylene glycol, alcohol, and heavy metals?

Our natural deodorants are gentle, non-invasive, and effective. Great for body odor protection for when it gets sweaty in summer. These protect for much longer than the usual off-the-shelf deodorants in the stores.

Mild and super-effective natural deodorants. This liquid natural deodorant spreads nicely and is absorbed well. No flakiness compared with other solid deodorants. No clogging. The silver adds anti-bacterial properties – a little jewel under the armpit! But really rub it in for it to work well. The Lemongrass version is considered pretty good by users, especially athletes.

Some people don’t use it every day as it’s that good, and the only drawback is that after it sets for a few days without use. The material can turn solid in the nozzle. Run a little water in the nozzle after use to get around this.

Okay, it’s a bit pricey for a deodorant. However, you only need a small amount, so it should last quite long, which makes it worth the price considering a little goes a long way. Also, people report that they don’t stink of body odor, even after a workout.

You decide. And the best thing is that it’s NOT toxic, so you have peace of mind that your deodorant isn’t giving you cancer or anything else.

Even if a particular deodorant is temporarily out of stock, the other ones will, in the meantime, give similar non-toxic body odor protection.

Lab-verified natural deodorants

Natural Deodorants without Heavy Metals

Toxins and other impurities tend to accumulate in the sweaty areas of your skin, resulting in unpleasant BODY ODORS. Instead of trying to eliminate these odors, mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants usually contain ALUMINUM, which blocks the sweat from escaping your pores, preventing you from perspiring.

Gentle, non-invasive, and effective

Mild and super-effective. The liquid natural deodorant spreads nicely and is absorbed well. No flakiness compared with other solid deodorants. No clogging.

SMELL FRESH every day

Lab-verified, non-aluminum natural deodorant formulas made with only the highest-quality.

Traditional SOLID STICK:

Organic Lemongrass Natural Deodorant, Organic Sage Lime Deodorant, Organic Spicewood Deodorant, and Organic Unscented Deodorant.

Silver Fresh LIQUID Natural Deodorant

With Magnesium and Baking Soda infused with colloidal silver.

Organic Deodorant
Organic Deodorant
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