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Sensational Low Calorie Protein Shake for Weight Loss OR Muscle Gain!

low calorie protein shake

What are Chocolate Shakes?

SHAKES are drinks made from milk and ice cream and a flavor such as fruit or chocolate, mixed until SMOOTH. However, most are LOADED with sugar and act like opiates to make you crave more! Some say that just looking at a super sweet chocolate milkshake gives you toothache just looking at it: 👇

Chocolate Milkshake – Don't you just wish you could eat this without putting on weight!


But very bad for your waistline.

Here’s the Superb Guilt-Free Alternative 👇

Low calorie protein shake for dieting or building muscle

Simply TrueShake (chocolate flavor) low calorie protein shake is a DAIRY-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, and vegan-friendly chocolate-flavored shake with non-GM soya isolate protein powder fortified with VITAMINS and MINERALS.

High in protein and low in fat, this chocolate-flavored TrueShake has ZERO artificial flavors and NO sweeteners.

This flavorsome daily shake is packed with DIETARY FIBER from Psyllium husks.

What is Psyllium Husk?

Psyllium is a soluble fiber derived from the seeds of the Plantago ovata herb grown mainly in India: [1]

Psyllium husk
Plantago ovata

Psyllium is commercially grown primarily as a dietary supplement in the form of husk, granules, capsules, or powder. The herb is also used to fortify breakfast cereals and baked foods.

With excellent water solubility, psyllium husk absorbs water to become a thick, viscous substance that is hardly digested in the small intestine (ilium). This resistance helps regulate cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels.

Psyllium fiber is tolerated well in the gut and, therefore, can also help manage weight. The fiber can also relieve mild diarrhea and constipation. [2], [3], [4], [5]. This fiber is in our low calorie protein shake.

Psyllium is also a Prebiotic

Prebiotics are non-digestible substances needed by intestinal bacteria to help them multiply. [6]

Psyllium ferments in the gut more slowly than other fibers, so it doesn’t increase gas and digestive bloating.

In trials, people with ulcerative colitis treated with psyllium for over 16 weeks saw digestive symptoms plunge by almost half in ulcerative colitis [7] compared to the placebo. [8]

The Protein in TrueShake Low Calorie Protein Shake

The protein in our chocolate TrueShake low calorie protein shake helps increase muscle mass, so it’s great for bodybuilders. In addition, it supports muscle mass maintenance and that of the bones.

The Sweetener in TrueShake

Stevia plant for sweetness in TrueShake

No shake is not sweet! It just wouldn’t work. But we don’t want our shakes stuffed with artificial sweeteners that may cause harm. So, our chocolate-flavored shake is sweetened with Stevia leaf sugars.

Get ready for a big surprise:

The active compounds in the Stevia leaf are steviol glycosides (stevioside and rebaudioside),  which have about 50 to 300 TIMES the sweetness of cane sugar!

Steviol glycosides are heat- and pH-stable and not fermentable. In addition, the human body does NOT metabolize these glycosides, so this natural sugar substitute contains ZERO calories. That’s why it’s the ideal non-nutritive sweetener.  

Stevia’s sweet taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of cane sugar. At high concentrations, some of its extracts may have an aftertaste described as licorice-like or bitter.  

Stevia is used in sugar- and calorie-reduced food and beverage products as an alternative for variants with sugar, which is why it is the super-sweetener in our chocolate TrueShake.

Go on, admit it – this is one helluva chocolate shake! And you’ll be eating it completely guilt-free!

Vitamins and Minerals in TrueShake

The vitamin and mineral combination in chocolate TrueShake low calorie protein shake supports the normal function of the immune system. It also supports homocysteine metabolism and iron absorption. Homocysteine is a sulfur amino acid whose metabolism involves the re-methylation of methionine pathways. [9]

The vitamins include A, E, C, B12, and folic acid. The minerals are iron, zinc, copper, and iodine.

Simply TrueShake Helps Combats Tiredness

Chocolate TrueShake low calorie protein shake helps to protect cells from oxidative stress, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, thyroid function, and much more.

Tasty and filling, chocolate TrueShake is perfect in-between meals. Use it as a yummy guilt-free dessert!

It can be used as a high-protein vegan diet plan.

Chocolate TrueShake tub rear

Chocolate TrueShake Highlights

✅ An absolutely delicious, sweet chocolate shake with protein powder that won’t make you feel guilty yet is super nutritious and healthy for the gut.

✅ High in protein from non-GM soya isolate protein. Non-GM soy protein is obtained from genetically unaltered soybeans. It comes from plants that are low in carbs and fat and contain all the essential amino acids.

✅ High in fiber. Also has chicory root extract to boost that. Indeed, Following an analysis of the fiber content of plant-based products, the taproot of the chicory plant (Cichorium intybus L.) was found to be one of the vegetables with the highest fiber content, comprising nearly 90% of its dry weight.

✅ Fortified with vitamins and minerals (see above).

✅ Dairy- and gluten-free. Gluten is a structural protein naturally found in certain cereal grains. [11]

✅ No artificial sweeteners. No aspartame, no saccharin, and all that garbage. Just super-sweet natural Steviol leaf glycosides (see above).

✅ Only 93 calories per serving. The term calorie (cal) expresses the energy value of foods per serving or per weight. So 93 calories per shake are not much.

✅ Low in saturated fat (0.1g per serving). Some people are very fussy with saturated fat in their diets, so they will be glad to know that our chocolate TrueShake contains very little fat.`

✅Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. That’s good to know. No animal products are in our chocolate TrueShake.

How to Use TrueShake Low Calorie Protein Shake

👉Stir one scoop or three heaped teaspoons (25g serving) into half a large glass of water, juice, soya milk, etc.

👉Add more liquid and stir for a delicious, thick, nutritious drink.

👉Be adventurous and mix in high-antioxidant berries or yogurt.


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