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Carnivore Diet – Part 1

Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet – Part 1  |  Photo by Paul Hermann on Unsplash

We Are NOT Herbivores

The human gut is NOT that of an herbivore. Our teeth, if we still have a complete set by age 40 because of excessive sugar consumption, are designed for biting and chewing meat rather than plants. Think of gnawing the juicy meat off around the bone of a lamb chop.  

Our ancestors ate nothing but the equivalent of today's fatty beef and lamb. They were primarily hunters with a carnivore diet, not herbivorous apes chewing leaves like gorillas do. Our ancestors ate a high-fat, fully carnivore diet. If your blood is red, you're primarily a carnivore.

Seed Oils

Most of us eat seed oils such as sunflower, rapeseed, and vegetable oils. Unprocessed wheat to make things like granary bread is packed with seed oil, and we are told it's good for us. That is a lie.

Seed oils are DEADLY. Being told by the likes of the now-discredited World Health Organization to eat seed oils is horrific advice.

The 5-a-day Lie


The advice to eat 5-a-day fruit and veg is also dangerous. Why? Because there are 136 known carcinogens in an organic Brussels sprout. There are 60 in the least toxic veg. Ninety percent of plants are toxic. The 5-a-day lie stems from a 1990s marketing scam by the World Economic Forum, the same devils behind the eugenics campaign by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller family member who is buying up farmland to destroy the carnivore diet and usher in his dirty, poisonous, lab-grown synthetic meat.


Fruits are less toxic, but they are packed with fructose, and deuterium, the latter being a rabbit hole we dare not enter into in this article. We are not really designed as fruit eaters. We certainly should eat them during fall as they form the age-old pre-winter harvest to supply us with energy during the dark and cold season. But we certainly shouldn't eat the sweet things ALL YEAR ROUND because our guts are NOT designed to cope with all the sugar they carry.

Our ancestors ate fruit ONLY during the autumn harvest, put on fat from it as stored energy, then detoxed over winter as those fat reserves were used up. They most certainly did NOT eat those high-sugar things 24/7/365, like the idiots in the WHO tell us to do today and claim it's good health advice. Ever wondered why most Westerners are obese? A meat-rich diet will help eliminate the spare tire.


Today, fruit and veg are flown in from around the world. We're not adapted to eating it, and it's terrible advice to tell us to do so. We never had this a couple of hundred years ago. Then, cancer was unknown, arthritis was rare, and a whole range of modern diseases were nonexistent. There certainly were no auto-immune diseases like Guillain Barré Syndrome that this scribe suffered from in 2006 and still feels the effects of a damaged peripheral nervous system.  Many people who have realized the folly of eating too much fruit and veg and took to a carnivore diet have fully recovered from their ailments.

Minerals & Trace Minerals

The carnivore diet is what this scribe is now on, together with, of course, consuming all the missing MINERALS and TRACE MINERALS in our diets due to bad farming practices.


Supplementing with the 16 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS needed while transitioning to a complete carnivore diet is a must. However, once you have transitioned, the level of vitamin supplementation ought to be reduced as you get them from a varied diet of meats.

Meat from the Sea

Prawns – high copper food

All tribes around the equator and all northern tribes like the Inuit eat 80 to 90 percent meat. Fish is meat, and our ancestors were great fishermen. The Inuit people eat lots of fish and probably seal meat. If it moves and eats plants, you can eat it, but not toxic insects.

All non-vegetable seafood is meat. Crab, shellfish, prawns, lobster, shrimp, squid, and all that, is meat. We should eat meat from plant eaters, not other carnivores. We don't eat cat or dog meat. We don't kill lions and tigers for meat. We can't eat the flesh of other carnivores because it is much less nutritious and likely toxic.  

Game Meat

Going down the rabbit hole of the WHO's food advice is dangerous. In temperate climes, we hunters captured rabbits and farmed game birds and pigs. Those were our food, not the toxic fruit and veg all prettily wrapped up, together with herbicides and pesticides and pushed onto the unwary in supermarkets.

The Common Potato

Is there a plant food that's good for us carnivores? Yes. Starchy tubers like yam and potato. That's why we love potato chips and French fries. We love roast potatoes, boiled and mashed potatoes. Potato is easy to digest and packed with starch, which is a polysaccharide sugar that breaks down to the glucose we need for energy.

And we make gravy from the water used to boil potatoes with the dripping from cooked meat. If we fry anything, we use beef tallow as it's all healthy saturated animal fat, which our ancestors ate. They did not cook their meat in processed unsaturated fat like toxic vegetable oil. That's why they didn't have modern health problems.

Follow the Money Trail

Why is meat made to look so bad by the health industry? Because it's good for us and will make the sales of drugs to counter modern ailments nosedive.

Always follow the money trail.

End note:

Q. What is primarily on the menu when the elite get together at meetings like Davos and G7 summits? Answer: MEAT. And they tell us meat is terrible. A carnivore diet fights back against these Deep State monsters.

Carnivore Diet Rules

Grass-fed beef and lamb don’t cause damage to the environment, don’t cause wild animal deaths, nor does it cause pollution like crop production does. And it doesn’t need expensive fertilizer, which causes environmental issues.

The Inuits, whose diet is 90 to 100 percent meat, don’t have tooth decay like we do. This scribe of 67 has lost half his teeth due to eating sugary food, even though I have brushed them every day since infancy. The entire dentistry industry is a money-making sugar-industry scam and an utter embarrassment.

The main principle behind this meat-eating diet is to eliminate carbohydrates and plant-based foods, as proponents of the diet believe that these foods can lead to various health issues and that humans are better adapted to thrive on an animal-based diet. But as I said, it’s a matter of choice if you like some vegetables, especially those that don’t scrape away the gut walls, such as soft potatoes.

Some of the supposed benefits claimed by advocates of carnivore diets include:

  • Weight loss: Supporters claim that the diet can help with weight loss because of its low-carb and high-protein nature, which may lead to reduced calorie intake.
  • Improved energy and mental clarity: Some individuals report experiencing increased energy levels and enhanced mental focus while on the carnivore diet.
  • Reduced inflammation: It is suggested that eliminating potentially inflammatory plant foods can reduce inflammation for some people.
  • Relief from certain health conditions: Some proponents claim that the Carnivore Diet has helped them manage certain health conditions, such as autoimmune diseases and digestive issues.

However, it’s essential to note that the diet is controversial and not widely supported by the scientific community. That’s because science has been hijacked by the moneymen at BlackRock and their ilk, who stifle any research that threatens profits.

Although many health experts express concerns about the potential risks and nutritional deficiencies associated with excluding plant-based foods, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are beneficial for overall health, they haven’t a clue about the widespread mineral deficiency in farm soils. At least ruminant animals like cows and sheep concentrate any plant-derived minerals and trace minerals there are in grass in their tissues, so when we eat beef and lamb, we also get the benefits of those minerals. That’s why meat from grass-fed ruminants is more nutritious than from omnivores like pigs and seed-fed bird food.

Is the Carnivore Diet Healthy?

Before considering any radical dietary changes like this diet, it is wise to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for your individual health needs and goals. But watch out for conflicts of interest: determine who is paying them and whether their information is biased on backed-up science and not just unsubstantiated regurgitated hypothetical Deep State nonsense. Additionally, any long-term diet should be balanced and sustainable to support overall well-being.

In the end, always do your own research and never be duped. Oh, and make sure the meat is from grass-fed animals and not from those injected with hormones and other toxins to make the animals fatter.

Why is meat made to look so bad by the health industry? Because it's good for us and will make the sales of drugs to counter modern ailments nosedive.

Always follow the money trail.

Apes are hindgut fermenters. Humans are NOT. We are NOT apes. Fiber rips the guts.

End note:

Q. What is primarily on the main course menu when the elite get together at meetings like Davos and G7 summits?

Answer: MEATAnd they tell us meat is terrible! They know, and they always feast on MEAT, as the Romans did, who feasted on meat from all over the empire. The elite rulers want to kill us with our food. It is a processed chronic toxin. 70 percent of the American diet today is from hyper-processed foods. These contain the FIVE poisonous ingredients: wheat, corn, soy, sugar, and seed (vegetable) oils

Wheat and sugar are recreational drugs and not foods. They trigger a craving for more of it and make us obese. They are addictive and extremely difficult to give up. It's harder to give up sugar than it is to give up heroin.

If you don't eat enough saturated fatty acids to keep your brain healthy, it loses its capacity to function correctly. A lack of those fatty acids causes the brain to shrink. The skeletons of hunter-gatherers are 5 inches taller, and their skull size is 10 percent bigger than the skeletons of agricultural folk. So, can modern diseases be blamed on our non-meat diets? The answer is affirmative.

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